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Old Testament Survey


The purpose of the Old Testament Survey is to prepare the student for more intensive studies in the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed upon gaining an overview of the Old Testament through a survey of geographical and historical backgrounds and a book-by-book study. Attention is given to the structure of each biblical book, significant interpretative problems, and major theological themes. This course is a prerequisite to all Old Testament Interpretation courses.

This course will emphasize the ministerial competency of Biblical Exposition. In order to interpret and communicate the Bible accurately, the students, by the end of the course, should:

  1. Comprehend the introductory issues of the Old Testament.
  2. Value the Old Testament as the revelation of God to people.
  3. Read the Old Testament more critically through an appropriate understanding of introductory matters and the central themes

Topics for this course


Assignment submission is a must and carries 30% weightage of your course.
Assignments – Old Testament Survey

Final Exam?

The Final Exam is a must to attend and carries 60% weightage of your course.

Class Participation?

Class participation carries a 10% weightage of your course.

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