Church History- I   & Introduction to Christian Doctrine|  DATE: October24,25 ; TIME - 9:00 -11:00 PM [IST], 7:30 - 9:30 PM [UAE].       

Introduction to Academic, Research and Writing


This course will help to teach you the basic research and writing skill that is necessary for clear and accurate written communication. The goal is to prepare you for research project requirements for courses within ZLI. The course includes lectures on topics including selections a topic, conducting research, citing sources, ethics and legalities, and finally, proofreading and publishing. These topics which are succinctly presented will serve as an online resource for you to return to often in your academic pursuits. The ultimate goal of this course is to equip you to deliver clear written communication, not just in studies, but throughout your life.

Topics for this course


Assignment submission is a must and carries 30% weightage of your course.

Final Exam?

The Final Exam is a must to attend and carries 60% weightage of your course.

Class Participation?

Class participation carries a 10% weightage of your course.


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