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An overview of the theological areas of pneumatology [ Doctrine of Holy Spirit] and Soteriology [ Doctrine of Salvation ].
Upon completion of this course, the student will have demonstrated in classroom discussions, examinations, and papers the ability to:
1. Summarize and explain the language and concepts of the theological topics which are the focus of the course.
2. Compare the evangelical formulations of these theological topics with the larger context of contemporary theological discussion and development.
3. Assess the unique contributions and challenges of the Pentecostal tradition to the formulation of these theological topics,
4. Defend the biblical foundations for the expression of these theological topics
5. Select theological materials for implementation in the ministry of the Church to the modern age
6. Synthesize research data on a theological topic and present the findings in a cogent manner

Topics for this course


The assignment consists of 30% of the total weightage.


The examination consists of 60% of the total weightage

Class participation?

Class participation consists of 10% of the total weightage.

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