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Evangelism & Church Planting


This course will cover the biblical, theological, missiological, and ecclesiological foundations of evangelism and church planting, as well as
practical methodological strategies such as church planter preparation, church planting models, evangelistic strategies,  proper cultural contextualization, and more. This course is designed to engage all students, whether specifically called to church planting or not, in order for them to gain an extensive understanding of the importance and practice of church planting as a normative part of the work of the church.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will identify the biblical, theological, ecclesiological, and missiological foundations of church planting.
  2. The student will recognize the skills required for various approaches to church planting and, if applicable, will begin to discern his/her personal calling to the work of planting.
  3. The student will become familiar with a framework that clarifies and orders the scope of work of church planting.
  4. The student will be prepared to effectively exegete a culture in order to engage in faithful contextualization.
  5. The student will be able to communicate effectively the Christian message to a diversity of people in order to advance the mission of God.
  6. The student will be prepared to lead effectively in a variety of Christian communities.

Topics for this course


Assignment submission is a must and carries 30% weightage of your course.
Assignments- evangelism

Class Participation?

Class participation carries a 10% weightage of your course.

Final Exam?

The final Exam is a must and carries 60% weightage of your course.

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